MERCH UPDATE - #AuthorMotivation Collection By AMB August 7, 2015 13:17

Writers have you ever lost your motivation to write? You have a deadline staring you in the face, and no words to reach it. Well I've been there too and one of the things that helps me get rid of writer's block is to put on an inspirational writing t-shirt, some comfy pants, and some good music.

My team is excited to see if my inspirational Facebook posts will translate into some great content out there about getting motivated.

I'm on a mission to get the Jacmuir Series completed and I know other authors want to get their projects completed as well so I might as well help the cause. Right? Did you know most writers leave hundreds, even thousands, of pages unwritten each year because they’re not motivated to write?

I really don’t want that to happen to me…or you. I hope you'll give the #AuthorMotivation Collection by AMB a try, whether you need to write a book report, essay, term paper, magazine article, or another chapter of your novel. We're in the trenches together.

As I'm creating and wearing these shirts, I'm noticing I don't have to remind people that I'm working on a book, not surfing the internet or posting things on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone around me is starting to figure out, #AuthorMotivation tee + laptop = check back later. That's right, the interruptions are at a minimum. I'm sure the Jacmuir Series will be complete in no time. :)

Stay Tuned,