About Us


The Official Jacmuir Merchandise Store celebrates the Crimson Knights and all things Jacmuir. We love this awesome series and strive to represent every character in the upcoming books. The kingdom is big, diverse and awesome from the Velvet Forest to the high peaks of Xatin Falls, from the coasts of the Lyinna River to the border of Shelene.

We are a business based in the heart of Castle Jacmuir. We love this kingdom and are so humbled and proud to send Jacmuir shirts throughout the world.

Enjoy your tees!



The Jacmuir logo is comprised of hooded Crimson Knight, in flexbody armor wielding a sword. It provides a powerful but gentle way to recognize one warrior's determination to fight for the truth and protect the country he loves.

The sword of truth is held, with both hands, in a lethal striking pose, to the side of the body and against the knight's chest. The body suit is black and red as a reminder of the blood that was shed for Jacmuiran freedom.

The knight's head is cloaked as a sign of humility to the All-Knowing One and a reminder of the knight brotherhood. But his face is bathed in the light of the sword so he can have the full weight of accountability for his actions.

Wearing the knight logo reminds all of us to have a warrior's courage to defend and to protect what we love. #JacmuiranNation